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Our Team

The KAIZEN OBESITY CARE CENTRE is a team of leading surgeons in the country providing you with personalized attention toward your weight-loss goal with an entire team of professional works to provide superior care to patients.

Kaizen Hospital offers a variety of services to meet your needs, including guidance from a dietician, medical care and Bariatic surgery (also known as weight-loss surgery) – a proven safe and effective treatment option for many people.

TEAM of Kaizen Hospital

   Dr. Sanjiv P. Haribhakti ( MS, DNB, Mch ) ( GI )
   Director & Chief Surgeon


   Dr. Harshad Soni (Associate Surgeon)

   Dr. Anish Nagpal (Associate Surgeon)

   Dr Neebha haribhakti

   Dr Paresh Mehta (Anaesthetist)

   Dr Jayeeta Chaudhary (Dietitian)

   Dr Megha Soni (Bariatric Counsellor/Manager)

   Ms Puja ( Fitness Therapist)

   Dr Mansi Chokshi (Physiotherapist)


Download Weight Loss Surgery Guide


Weight Loss Surgery Guide
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