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     About Obesity

     Health Risks of Obesity

     Treatment Options

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About Obesity
  What is Obesity ?
           What causes Obesity ?
           What is Morbid or Severe obesity ?
           What are the social effects of obesity ?

     Health Risks of Obesity     

     Treatment Options  

            Behaviour Modification
            Physical Activity
            Medically Managed Weight-Loss
            Surgical Treatment
            Minimally Invasive Techniques

     Candidate For Surgery ?
            Are you Eligible for Surgery ?
            Lab and Diagnostic Evaluation
            What's Your BMI ?

     Weight Loss Surgery
            Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass
            Gastric Band
            Gastric Sleeve

            Why choose Kaizen Hospital ?

     Making the Right Choice
            Fat 2 Fit
            Live Healthier, Live Longer
            What You Expect to Loose... and Gain

     Life After Surgery
            Weight Loss
            Effect of surgery on associated medical condition
            Expert Help for High-Risk Patients
            Aftercare & Support

            Preparation for Surgery
            Insurance Issues
            Life After Surgery

     Visiting India
            Visa to India
            Ahmedabad City At Glance
            Ahmedabad Travel Information
            Gujarat Travel
            Hotels in Ahmedabad

            DNA Indians
  ET Metamor
            GS Metamor
            Jaihind Metamor

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Weight Loss Surgery Guide
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